About Us

John Keller

Sequoia Supply was founded in 1996 by John Keller who, at the time, owned Eagle Construction, a company that specialized in deck and patio construction. Frustrated by the lack of availability of products he would need to complete his deck projects, he began to warehouse a supply of decking and railing materials, allowing him to complete jobs without waiting for local lumber yards to order them. It wasn’t long before other deck contractors began to patronize the warehouse due to the immediate availability of the products they needed and Sequoia Supply was born.

Eventually Eagle Construction was dissolved and its employees moved to Sequoia, creating a deck supply company ran by deck builders. This gave us the advantage of unsurpassed product knowledge, which in turn brought in countless contractors and do it yourself homeowners, leading to explosive growth and a reputation as the place to go when doing a deck project. In 2009 with 2 locations and sales well into the millions, Sequoia Supply spawned Sequoia Outback, an outdoor superstore encompassing everything from Furniture and Fire Pits to Grills and Outdoor Kitchens. Since then we’ve seen customers create their outdoor living spaces from construction to the finishing touches, and everything in between.

As we continue to expand our product lines and services, our mission is always what it was in the beginning, to make your back yard a better place.