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Outdoor Furniture Focus - Gensun

Gensun Outdoor Furniture
Gensun Outdoor Furniture

Posted on Saturday, October 9, 2021
By: Sequoia Supply
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Brings Outdoor Living... To Life.

Enjoying precious moments with family and friends or finding the right design and color Gensun takes great pride in making sure your outdoor furniture accomplishes both. We want you to live life outdoors in comfort and style. It all starts with using the best materials available. And we cut no corners to ensure your outdoor furniture stands the test of time. 

We trust that you’ll find a design that will bring your outdoor living... to Life.

Gensun, a premier manufacturer of Outdoor Furniture and Kitchens, goes above and beyond in the areas design, product detail, quality, and service. We also understand that it takes more than this. It takes hard work and people who are dedicated to doing what's right and doing what's right – right now. We want to make sure that your outdoor room is the relaxing retreat you deserve. 


24 Furniture Collections


There are 24 Furniture Collections to satisfy most any customers unique tastes. These designs have seating heights from chat, to dining, to balcony (counter height), and bar. 

We offer 9 Sling and 8 Padded Sling collections. Sling is low maintenance with easy cleaning and Padded Sling gives a touch of cushioning for comfort. Gensun's Padded Sling is unique as it features the beauty of cushion fabric on both the front and back of the chairs. The sling or strength fabric is hidden between the upholstered fabrics.

Gensun offers 5 collections with woven seating or accents. Woven seating offers the elegance and durability of Gensun cast and extruded aluminum frames with the beauty of outdoor wicker. The woven material is the best available providing years of outdoor comfort and reliability.

Gensun Tables are well known for offering the best in design, finish and durability. There are 15 Table Collections to complement the furniture. In addition, we have a beautiful collection of table tops called Paradise Tops and three unique finish colors that give the tops the look of stone. 


Fire Tables


Fire tables come in many designs, sizes and heights. Fire table bases are available in contemporary and traditional designs. Decorative Tops are available in 9 beautiful designs. There are 30 color finishes available and 14 fire media options to choose from. The fire tables feature 37,000 or 55,000 BTU's providing perfect ambiance and comfortable warmth. 


Luxe Cushions

Luxe Cushions are custom made, tailored to our furniture designs, and offer incredible comfort. We use the best fill and fabrics available. For those customers who want the benefit of water-resistant cushions Gensun offers 2 cushion designs: one; Dry-Luxe cushions that have special liners and virtually eliminate water from entering the cushion fill material and two; "RAIN" Luxe cushions that use Sunbrella "RAIN" fabrics and are specifically made to Sunbrella standards.


Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens are available in 12 popular predesigned Islands or you can design your own kitchen. Gensun's pre-designed kitchen islands come complete or you can choose your appliances from many other quality companies.

There are 21 color finishes for all of our collections along with 6 scratch resistant embellished finishes and 3 stone impression finishes that are available on Madrid II, Meridian and Paradise tops, countertops, Fusion and Talia table tops. Most collections are warehoused in the best-selling finishes.

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