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Outdoor Furniture Focus - Lane Venture

Lane Venture Outdoor Furniture
Lane Venture Outdoor Furniture

Posted on Saturday, November 7, 2020
By: Sequoia Supply
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It's important have a comfortable place to relax and spend time with those you love. Sophisticated designs with discerning details and laid-back comfort are what make LANE VENTURE the expert in barefoot luxury. The diverse range of materials within their collection of styles will inspire you to create a serene and luxe outdoor room that is breezy, timeless and has your unique personal signature.


The Ultimate in Barefoot Luxury!

LANE VENTURE is the ultimate in barefoot luxury. Whether designing a personal retreat or a family gathering place, LANE VENTURE provides superior products with discerning details that are timeless and relevant for today's lifestyle. Their designs inspire consumers to create memorable outdoor spaces with confidence and style. Begin your curated approach to any project by exploring their limitless fabric options. Having a peaceful outdoor retreat will always be in style. 

Lane Venture Outdoor Furniture 



Lane Venture's manufacturing takes place in various domestic and international locations. Using state-of-the-art equipment and processes, they cut, sew and ship each custom order from their176,000 square foot facility in Newton, NC. Full-time LANE VENTURE employees oversee the production of their import frames in various Asian factories to ensure that quality and delivery standards are maintained because providing the highest quality level possible is their highest priority. 

Lane Venture Outdoor Furniture 


Superior Cushions & Comfort

The single element that ties all of LANE VENTURE outdoor collections together is the unique drainable cushion that combines a variety of features making it comfortable, functional, durable and easy to clean.

Lane Venture Outdoor Furniture  


Exclusive Fabrics

You can be assured that LANE VENTURE fabric choices will offer you the ability to create an outdoor room that is unique and complement your personal style by offering on-trend and fashionable color palettes that will blend with your interior style.

Lane Venture Outdoor Furniture 


Fire Pits

Create the perfect place for family and friends to gather by adding warmth and ambiance to the setting with a fire pit. Different styles fit your space and design. 

 Lane Venture Outdoor Furniture


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